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Are you looking to get into the adult industry but don't know how. Then you maybe a good fit for our company. Our company is currently accepting applications from anyone age 18 to 60. Everyone will be considered that applies regardless of age, race, height, weight, or experience.
We offer both released and private photo / video shoots. Worried about a family member finding out about you working in the adult industry? We offer the option to work as a private model where your photos and videos will only be placed in the company collection and never released. This is a good option for college students, parents, etc...
Our company is located in the state of Maine and we can help with travel as well as relocation if you wish to work part time or full in the adult industry.
Options Available:
Nude Modeling
Adult - Solo
Adult - Boy / Girl
Adult - Boy / Girl / Girl
All models will receive a payment of $5000 for a 3 day casting, and if you wish to work full time you will receive a salary of ********** per year. This would include a free place to stay, and basic needs covered.
If you wish to apply please email us anytime. Everyone is welcome to apply weather from the United States or another country. 
No experience or a virgin no problem. We will work with you as long as it may take. We pay in cash and we also offer bonuses every quarter.
Are you looking to relocate to the United States but don't have a way we maybe able to help you out. We offer housing, cover the cost of basic needs, and can help you get your green card.