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Erotic and escort job in Geneva for beautiful girls from EU - 8 private house and luxury villas


Adult job only for 18+ selected cute - decorative - demanding girls, between 18-35 years, who know what they want and looking for the best SwitzerlandGeneva is every point of view the best choice for everyone as it is very rich city, a lot of potential customers and a huge number of transit passengers as well. A lot of big foundations, and ceo’s and representatives of huge corporations are working and / or living in the city. Geneva is a great place for erotic job, you will not regret if you apply!

Your earnings will be over CHF 1000 a day - this is already your part!

Try it, profit from it and you'll earn the most if:

  • You are a decorative, beautiful, demanding girl who knows what she wants and gets what she needs
  • You are looking for a job where they are valued, counted on, working with you and not against you
  • With fewer guests you want to earn as much as possible
  • You are looking for a peaceful workplace where there is no 'misunderstanding', debate and quarrel

I have run my businesses in Geneva for more than 20 years with the same deals, prices and earnings - you can count on me!

I advertise the private apartments in every possible way not only in Switzerland but also on international advertising sites and in Geneva there is huge through traffic, many rich tourists and businessmen arrive, so I also advertise in luxury hotels, where we get a lot of very well paid guests.

They can all be your guests, here's the chance to catch them!

Our prices are the highest in Switzerland and Europe and everyone earns a lot who want to work - be demanding and get the best income!

Escort work is available, but not required!

We also provide escort service for our verified and secure guests, which means an outcall, meaning you can go out to his hotel or his apartment! Your decision to do this escort job - is a great plus, as you can get up to 12-24 hour bookings to earn as much as other girls in 1 week in simple private homes.

  • I make professional ads for everyone and you'll be on the best advertising sites
  • I work with professional and kind receptionists
  • I offer the best working conditions, with a fair rent and no hidden costs

The rent is only 40%, you don't have to pay anything else

Apart from classic ads, I advertise in almost every newspaper and monthly magazine! We are also on 15 different Swiss advertising sites + my website has 1500 daily visitors + posters, radio, advertising cars, newspapers, tourist magazines in hotels.

In the pictures you can see the luxury:

  • Language skills not required but French and / or English are advantages
  • Safe workplaces with clean guests.
  • The work permit costs CHF 20

All apartments are equipped with luxurious furniture to ensure the comfort of you and your guests. Wifi internet, tv, dvd, and every important and necessary things for your job is available to you.

You don't have to be a model, I'm not looking for stars! Of course, I'm looking for beautiful, high-quality young girls between the ages of 18 and 35 who want to work in excellent conditions.

This job offers ONLY FOR girls, women and ladies from any European Union country, so with EU passport! They DON'T HIRE men, boys, gays so DON'T write to the advertisers!

You can arrive for at least 1 week, but 10 days or more is recommended! 

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