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Have the highest incomes in the real red district

In Bremerhaven, where everyone speaks English!

100% legal erotic job – language knowledge is not a condition – rental agreement – only 60 EUR rent – every income is yours!

Elizabeth has returned from vacation, so she is waiting for all old and new girls with the old customary conditions and administration!

Language knowledge is not a condition – almost everyone speaks English in town – drivers - restaurant – cleaning ladies – security guards – friendly girls:)

Work in the world's most popular red district in Bremerhaven, Germany's biggest port city with a lot of potential clients.

You will get all the help you need! Elizabeth is waiting for your application!

Huge traffic - 50 cabins – 10 houses

The only street in town, where this work is 100% legal!

All cabins are clean, nicely furnished! Every cabin has a wide bed, shower, bathroom and a bar stool. Comfortable, hygienic erotic work opportunity.
100% safe, English speaking security guards work in the street, who appear in seconds if you need them.

You don't have to be a super model! Everyone earns good money here, you just need to have an erotic vibe and be nice to the clients!

They are not pimps, they are employees of a security company, who work with the police.

You will rent the cabin with a legally binding rental agreement - this means your daily expense is 60 EUR.

Every girl works in her own cabin (room), which has a glass door faced to the street and clients enter through that door directly from the street.If you are busy, you can pull the curtain, indicating to everyone (all clients know) that you are currently not available.

Northern Germany's most popular street!

In this port city erotic work in cabins has been running for 150 years, and people all over the world know this!

You don't have to ask for an appointment, because you can choose between 50 cabins and 10 houses,

so free terms are always available. You can book a cabin for 2-3 weeks, or how you wish!

Transport is available by the well known private buses, by plane or by train (we will be waiting for you)

This job offers ONLY FOR girls, women and ladies from any European Union country, so with EU passport! They DON'T HIRE men, boys, gays so DON'T write to the advertisers!