Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Unsuccessful card payments: As of January 1, we were required to implement the new version of 3D Secure 2.0 in accordance with the EU's requirements for strong customer authentication (SCA), more info here! So far, you have received 1 code via SMS to authenticate the transaction, this system has been raised to a higher level to protect customers (you can also enable the transaction in your bank application, or with your Face ID, fingerprint, etc.)
It is up to each EU country to decide when to integrate the new SCA system, and many banks have not yet done so. Therefore, if after pressing the PAYMENT button on our site you get the error message that "your bank has not yet integrated SCA", then unfortunately you cannot pay with your card at out websites yet. However, if your card works in another webshop, it is because that webshop has not yet integrated SCA. Unfortunately, this is a bureaucratic nonsense that affects all webshops and companies in the EU! If you experience this, you may want to warn your bank that you cannot use your card because of SCA.
GMAIL warning: You may not receive our important e-mail notifications (applicants, notifications about expired ads, credit uploads, private messages), so if you have a something@ gmail .com email address then regularly check your SPAM folder in the gmail web interface and if you find the emails we send there, please click on the 'THIS IS NOT SPAM' button at the top of our emails - then you will receive our e-mails!
Applying, contacting
- Contacting means filling out the application form + SHOWING the contact details in the ads by clicking on the 'Show me' button.

- If the ad has no available free contacts, we will still provide an application form for free, but we will no longer send the applicant's contact details via email, only their name, message and pictures! After signing in, the advertiser can reveal the applicant's contact information for 120 days by 1 click (payable - 5 credits) and contact her immediately, so basically you can purchase the applicants contact details when you publish a free classified ad.

- After filling in the application form, we instantly send an email to the advertiser with the details and pictures of the applicant. We remind the advertiser on the next day by sending the information again, so it's up to the advertiser to contact that person.

- Always be careful when applying! Always verify the advertiser's rating (verified / unverified / verified and trusted) and decide what kind of pictures to attach. Do not send naked and facial pictures for free ads.

Verified and unverified ads, advertisers
We have received many complaints regarding to ads without contact details and scam ads. We check every newly registered advertiser, newly advertised classified ad and we try to filter out scam advertisers and their ads, banning them and deleting their ads right away! In our experience, we can only filter out untruthful ads and advertisers when advertisers pay (upload credits) on our website, giving us their billing address and paying via bank transfer or credit card.

Our goal is to provide verified, secure and quality erotic job offers, so we have 3 types of badges for rating each ad and advertiser! These signs, badges appear in each ad's contact box, in 'all classifieds' list view and in the advertiser's profile!

Unverified advertisers:

They never uploaded credit and never highlighted their ad, we don't know anything about them! They have only free classifieds! They didn't provide us their billing address or any kind of contact details.

Verified advertisers:

They have uploaded credit and highlighted their ad, so we could check them out! We have their billing address and contact details!

Verified and reliable advertisers:

They have uploaded credit and highlighted their ad + has ordered recommended erotic job advertisement so we could check them out! When ordering a recommended erotic job ad, we always talk to the advertiser in detail, ask their business data and address. We have their billing address and contact details too!

Getting the phone number in free classified ads
We provide 1 free application form for free classified ads, but we will not show you the contact details! This gives the advertiser the opportunity to try the page and after highlighting their ad, their contact details will be published and they will get the contact details of their applicants free of charge.

- Jobseekers have the opportunity to GET the contact details provided in a free classified ad (phone number, viber, whatsapp, email, web address) for a price of 3 credits. Registration / Log in / Credit upload is required to access this feature.
- Keep in mind that you can get the contact details only if they were given! Where no contact details are given, we will notify you in that particular ad. Attention, free classifieds are not verified advertisers!

Get contact information from a user profile
In the contact box of each advertisement, you will see the advertiser's (user) profile, which allows you to request the contact information of the advertiser (user): email address, phone number, web address (if the contacts are available and allowed to appear by the user). You can also view the user's profile in the forum and in the private message by clicking on their name.

⚠️ The cost of getting contact information is 3 credits and only registered users can request contact information from other users. By clicking on the GET IT button on the user's profile next to their contact details, we will deduct 3 credits from your profile and immediately show you the contact details of the user, which you may view later also.

After logging in, you can click on edit in your profile to specify your contact information and to choose whether to allow it to appear on your profile or not.

Registration, logging in, profile
- We check every new registration immediately! Users with inactive / scam email addresses are deleted immediately with all their contents! You can use both your profile and credit on all RED-LIFE advertising websites (ENG, DE, HU, SK, CZ, PL, RO). You can modify your password after logging in (edit profile section). If you forgot your password or have a login problem, just click on 'Forgot your password?' button.

- To access the most important features, always log in: to post an ad, to use the forum, to send a message, to fill out automatically a an application form, to get contact details and countless new features.

- How can I delete my profile? Send an email to [email protected] from your email address. Please offer us details about your decision of leaving our community, so that we can make our advertising pages better!

- Why was my profile deleted? Multiple or duplicate accounts and ads are not allowed! Do not sign up or use multiple user accounts to publish your ads! Our goal is for everyone to have 1 real account!

Messages (contacts are filtered automatically)
- All users are allowed to send 5 messages / day and we will notify the recipient about your message! Sending unlimited messages we allowing only for advertisers with Advertising Package (see prices menu)!

IT IS FORBIDDEN to send contact details in private messages (email, web, phone number, facebook name)! You can ask for additional information about the jobs, vacancies, but you can apply only through the application forms! If you click on the advertisers name you can see their ads and apply for the jobs he offers.

In 'I'm looking for my girlfriend' and/or other similar messages it is not allowed to send contact information (email, web, phone number, facebook name) as this will be considered mediation by our website. These restrictions were necessary to protect You, since almost every message was about reporting scams, making it impossible to filter out the people who were sending 'only looking for my girlfriend' messages.

Email / SMS and other notifications
- By registering to our website you agree to our terms and conditions, accept to receive newsletter and email notifications. We NEVER send spams or other worthless emails. At the bottom of every email, you'll find the information you need to unsubscribe!

- We only send email notifications regarding to your profile / ads or send you other useful and important emails about interesting job offers or ads that are important.

- For our advertisers, we can send SMS notifications about the expiration or highlighting their ads and immediately notify them about approving their ordered credit! We do not send SMS notifications to jobseekers!

Ad monitor
- You can monitor ads in many categories and/or countries! If you're interested in 'erotic work' in Switzerland, you can select 'erotic work' as category and 'Switzerland' as country.
- We send an email every 3 days with jobs related to your filter, so that you can apply instantly! You can always delete your ad monitor settings on your profile!
- Don't miss out on your dream job opportunity - be the first who apply! We have 12673 subscribers right now!

Posting an ad, editing, highlighting
Create a classified ad using only a real and active email address. If you mistype your email address, you will not receive your applicants contact details and we will delete your ad!

We always check newly posted classified ads! Improper / Scam ads will be deleted immediately!

Free classified ads do not display your contact details and you are allowed to contact 1 applicant! Your contact information will appear in highlighted ads (Platinum, Gold) and we will provide unlimited contacts until your ad expires (2 weeks or 1 month)!

⚠️ Contact information in free classifieds ( on text, title, images, contact box) are automatically hidden until you highlight your ad! You can have an unlimited number of highlighted ads that will pop up automatically to the top of the list + your contact details will be visible.

⚠️ We allow contacts on the featured photo, only for those who have an advertising package!

Uploading credit, paying, your expenses
Our advertiser websites have HTTPS security certification and we treat our advisers details with maximum discretion. We will issue an invoice for each payment, which can be found on your profile and can be downloaded at any time.

After logging in, you can find in detail what were your expenses and what you spent credit on.

- In case of bank transfer, which is a 100% discreet payment solution, you only need to enter your unique ID number in description section of the transfer, so your bank statement will never show the name, address or any sensitive information oof our advertiser page. Your unique ID number can be found in your profile under your display name! Go to the credit upload, select the transfer and credit amount, and we'll display and email your account number, username, and all the required information. As soon as the transferred amount is received, we will immediately add your credit to your profile and you will also receive an email + sms notification! In the case of a transfer, you pay exactly as many credits as you order - there is no processing fee.

- In case of a credit/debit card payment, you will share your details only with our partner - Cardinity company. Our company and colleagues will never see your payment details and your account estimate will never show the name, address or any other information of the advertiser's website. Card payment is an instant, secure, and automated credit upload solution, but it does have a 10% processing fee, which means that you will buy your credits more expensive. The processing fee is deducted from us by the payment processing company. In case of money transfer you will pay only for the amount of credits you ordered, meaning that there are no processing fees.

10% Processing fee: The independent payment processing company automatically deducts 10% from each transaction, which is their fee. So, from your point of view, the card payment is more expensive, but it has the advantage of providing instant, automatic credit upload.

- Bitcoin payment or paying with virtual money is not automated. It can take up to 24 hours to approve your credit. The virtual currency is highly volatile, but we are always taking into consideration the day of the transfer when calculating the number of credits we approve.

Bitcoin payment details
Bitcoin purchase as simple as this from a USA ATM :
Crypto ATM machines interactive map of the USA
This is how Bitcoin payment works:
- You copy the address of our bitcoin wallet, which you will see after login under the credit upload / bitcoin payment tab.
- If you'd like to buy cash or cards in person, you can find the nearest machine on the map above, watch the tutorial video and buy as much bitcoin as you need.
- You enter the wallet address where you want the bitcoin to arrive when you make your purchase.
- You email us at [email protected] preferably with your registered email address, so that we can identify the transaction and credit it to your profile immediately.
- If you want to pay from your mobile phone at home, you can register on, where you can buy bitcoin by bank transfer, or buy bitcoin in Revolut's online banking app.

About us
RED-LIFE is the advertising network of the most popular erotic jobs in Europe, operating in 8 languages and 9 countries since 2014! Red-Life advertising pages are available in English, German, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Polish and Romanian.

These pages are not some sluggish advertising pages translated with google translate, each page is built with a translator who speaks natively the country's language.

Our goal is simple and clear: to offer fair, verified and quality erotic jobs, and that's why we created Europe's no.1 advertiser network. Most applicants / Best erotic job ads / Most jobseekers and advertisers from all over Europe can be found on RED-LIFE!

We promote RED-LIFE advertising pages in 8 languages and 9 countries in google adwords (meaning the google search list)! We have 6 permanent employees since 2014 who work daily on RED-LIFE websites so that we can offer safe, verified, but especially quality erotic jobs! Amongst our team members are some valuable associates, like the advertising site administrator / creative graphic / senior programmer developer / senior project manager / accountant - secretary - assistant! Besides our permanent team, we also have a team of translation interpreters who are not available full time, but they translate to English, German, Slovak, Czech, Polish and Romanian within 24 hours.

Our fast, high-capacity, valuable servers provide us a safe and reliable functioning and we send over 1000 important emails per day through SMTP service. In addition, we send a short sms messages to our advertisers via SMS getaway. These are relatively high and constant expenses for us.

In social media (twitter, instagram, facebook, google plus) we've been helping to promote our advertisers with over 100.000 shares.

In the past few years, we spent a lot of working days developing, translating, developing new features and designing our pages, spending over 30000 Euros! Our constant monthly costs include developing our servers, smtp and sms service providers, payment getaways, co-workers salaries, which all combined are thousands of Euros each month! We have established companies in several countries in Europe so we function 100% legally. We issue invoice for each payment and pay all taxes!

This information is provided simply to make it clear and understandable for everyone what we spend the uploaded credits on and how much energy, time and money we need to run RED-LIFE, which would be impossible without money! Highlight your ad, order a banner or job adviser or just upload credit to support our advertising pages - this is Your interest too!

There are 3,000+ erotic jobseekers on the Red-Life advertising pages every day, 90% of them arrive from Google or our registered users who use the site almost daily, so we have maximum relevant traffic. Up to now, the job seekers 629710 times have been contacted through the Red-Life ad pages our advertisers and they have filled out 112193 applications safely, quickly and easily, 70% of them are Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Romanian and 30% of them are English or German speaking applicants. We currently have 75607 registered users, with a monthly increase of 1000+ users. We have a right now 59457 erotic job advertisements online. We currently have 150351 ad monitor and newsletter subscribers to whom we send on average 3000+ emails per day (notifications, saved searches, private messages, forum posts, applications, newsletter, etc.)