Private apartments in the center of Geneva with 20 years history!


Only for selected cute - decorative - demanding girls, between 18-35 years, who know what they want!

Geneva every point of view is the best choice for everyone as it is very rich city, a lot of potential customers and a huge number of transit passengers as well. A lot of big foundations, and ceo’s and representatives of huge corporations are working and / or living in the city.
We opened a lot of apartments, which is unique in Switzerland. We have 8 luxury villa and private flat in Geneva downtown, without any competition. By our place the escort work is also a possibility!

✔ Elite regular guests from all over the world

✔ Movie stars, athletes and high-ranking guests

✔ The highest prices in Europe

✔ Honest, fair working conditions

✔ Professional and kind receptionists help your job

✔ Escort jobs for EXTRA high prices

✔ Only 40% rent

Correct 40% rent and nothing else


TOP earnings ☛ high prices ☛ a lot of high-paying guests ☛ Geneva is one of the richest cities in the world! 

I advertise for the girls on 15 different advertiser's sites in Switzerland! 

+ own my website we have 1500 visitors / guests per day + posters, radio, advertising cars, newspapers, magazines for tourists in hotels.

✗ Language skills not required

✗ Safe workplaces clean guests

✗ Work permit: 20CHF


Luxury standards await you:

Private apartments in the center
Private apartments in the center
Private apartments in the center
Private apartments in the center
Private apartments in the center
Private apartments in the center


The female boss with the girls are always nice, cause the top priority for everyone to earn good, she makes every effort to ensure that many guests visits the businesses. Each apartment is individually decorated with luxurious furnishings and runs at very good places where can park easily. The apartments are fully equipped with TV, DVD, Internet, modern kitchen and bath included. Private room can be solved if you ask. The receptionist working in the flats everywhere, so language skills are not necessary, but of course an advantage.Everything what you need for work is granted!!

Everything what you need for work is granted!!

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This job offers ONLY FOR girls, women and ladies from any European Union country, so with EU passport! They DON'T HIRE men, boys, gays so DON'T write to the advertisers!

Tel, Viber, Whatsapp: +41 76 531 90 55 (Edina)

E-mail: [email protected]


You can for one week too, but suggested 10 days or more weeks!