The best escort man in the USA - a new yorker callboy reports

Ever since Richard Gere gave the American Gigolo on the screen, we have a certain image of a callboy.

But how a real Gigolo sees the business and what a woman says about it, read here. Where I go, the neighbor asked me, as I lock the door. "To the hotel. I'm meeting a male escort." I answer. She drops her jaw. I grin.

I wouldn't say that the meeting with Timo, the male escort was only a research, it sounds like an excuse. I'm really just doing an interview. At the Hotel, a friendly receptionist tells me that they also have "normal" guests who have been here for summer vacations. They reside on the upper floors. Down below, people meet for a horizontal rendezvous. Whether extramarital affair, Tinder match or paid love service - the spotless rooms have seen a lot. Timo comes here often. He knows all the hours hotels in New York. "But I've never been in this room," he notes as he takes off his T-shirt. Tall, slim, well-trained.

He work as an escort boy, and the 31-year-old beautiful boy makes it with passion. No boss, no fixed hours, sometimes longer free, good earnings. When you listen to Timo, it sounds like someone who likes to be unbound finds his calling. That was not always so. Four years ago, he was working in a night club in the Unites States. To a woman who tried him on, he said jokingly, "Are you paying?" She paid. He began to give up private advertisements in newspapers. Today he is registered at a lot of sites. "Charming, positive charisma", says in his description, and "Oxytocin Danger!".

Timo demands 190 for the first hour, each additional costs 100, the evening package 500. More, anyway, as women earn in the industry. Unlike registered sex workers, however, an escort boy or girl may officially not offer sex at all. You pay for the time you spend together. What you do together is a matter of negotiation..

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Timo does not have a "date" every day (he doesn't like the term "customer") - unlike male escort workers colleagues who meet around seven-ten men a day, he says. He does not have any illusions. "For men, it's over in no more than 40 minutes. Women are much more complex. They need a warm-up, have to calm down. And they want to talk. "That a lady absolutely just wants sex is very rare; a booking from two hours, for the whole evening or even until the next morning, however, normal. You go for a drink, do something, later you go to the hotel. Sex is one of them, but "out of ten dates, nothing happens in two or three hours," says Timo the Callboy.

A lady, for example, still wants to drink coffee after several dates. "I'm just interested in the human," says Timo. "What stories the women have, why they come to me." How many women use his services, he can not say. Sometimes he has a date every day, sometimes only once a week. Although Timo likes it all, it does not always work 100 percent, he admits. "Then I'll make the best of it, there are different possibilities. There must be a certain charm, but I think: every woman has something beautiful. "According to his own statements, he has not rejected any. If a lady wants to pay for male erotic job, it would not be fair to turn her down, Timo thinks.

"I pay for the insurance not to fall in love. A male escort is the best choice"

Why do women even book him? Some just want to try it out, he says; Female students, for example. Three times already, he was hired by (adult) women, who finally wanted to experience sex for the first time. He also has "regular customers". Attractive ladies, no longer young, with well-heeled and busy husbands. An affair that may lead to indiscretion would be too dangerous for them. They're safe with Timo. "They tell me a lot. I could already play marriage counselor and open the eyes of men, "he laughs. 

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