"Success makes a man attractive": Sugar Baby tells why she has sex for money in 2019

Older, affluent men find young women on a website with whom they talk, spend time or even sleep. In return, the women often get expensive jewelry, holidays or even shopping trips. 

Tiffany is a business student in the USA, Miami, and working as Sugar Baby. This means that she regularly meets with "Sugar Daddies", with whom she spends time, eating or even sleeping with them. In return, the older men go shopping with her, invite her to the restaurant or spend expensive holidays with her, which the 22-year-old girl otherwise could not afford. Of course that means he pay money for sex or for girlfriend experience. Is it then an erotic job?

A sugar daddy is usually older than the young woman he meets, successful in his job and wealthy. They have no time for normal dating, or they just don't want to run after girls, whom they can buy. Sugar daddies and babies can join the Internet for a fee. Tiffany told us in an interview why she does not perceive this as prostitution.

And how her roommates reacted when she told them.

sugar baby job

Red-Life: Do your parents know that you are doing this?

Tiffany: No, my parents do not know about my Sugarbaby job. I do not know what would happen if they knew. They are relatively tolerant and we actually talk about almost everything. In the beginning it would probably be strange for them. But over the time that would not be an issue anymore.

Red-Life: And your friends? How did they react?

Tiffany: Well, I live in a shared flat, so had to tell them. It was important to me that I do not keep a secret about it. And that there is nothing wrong with that, it's not like porn job or something. They took it a bit strange at the beginning. But it has not changed the life in the flat. We all got together and talked about it. No big deal at all.

Red-Life: What was your motivation to start?

Tiffany: Well, what was my motivation? Curiosity in the beginning. You just heard about it. I think I saw a report about it. Since they said that in the United States is no longer taboo subject. Then I thought, I'll just try that out and have researched.

Red-Life: What do the men expect of you to meet?

Tiffany: It's always individual. There are men who have little free time and are constantly on the move. They will need someone to listen to them. Then you go eat together, have a drink or go shopping. But then it is clear that he takes over the bill. I could also accompany him at business lunches. I have not had that, but it is possible. Of course, it's not like you're just talking to someone. Before, the ideas are already clarified. You then sit together and talk about it. And if that works, then you meet. Only that it might be more intimate there. And this is extremely important in such a relationship so that there are no disagreements.

Red-Life: But where is the difference to prostitution? It's the same like escort jobs.

Tiffany: I think if I did it for work then I would have a set wage. 200 euros, then the thing is through. And that's just not it. Of course you go eat or get gifts. It is not always the case that you are paid directly. And that's something totally different from your own self-esteem.

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