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The Danish government has given massage parlor and clinics permission to work again. This gives great chances to earn good money while people aren’t doing much these days. The Demand in Denmark is high. Take advantages of good earning opportunities under comfortable conditions.
We have a large house with 9 rooms spread over two floors outside of Odense, and its only 5 minutes from the highway, where ********** cars pass every day. The house is 500 meters from the nearest busy road, in undisturbed scenic surroundings with no curious neighbors. The place is peaceful and you wake to birds chirping.
What are we looking for?
• Attractive women from ********** years.
• You do not need to be a model
• You must have a high level of service and be willing to work.
• It's ok if you have no experience. We help you with everything. 
If you do not have a car, we can pick you up at the train or bus station.
The house rules are simple.
#1 Your safety is the most important thing.
#2 you don't have to do anything you don't want.
#3 You must like your work.
#4 good service is the way to high earnings
Together, we create your ad, with your offered services. We offer good and safe working conditions. We want you to be a part in the whole process, because we are a team. Your wellbeing is the most important thing.
We provide the place, advertising and telephone communication with customer. You should simply cook your own food and keep your own room neat and nice. You can always stop our cooperation from day to day. There is no limit for our partnership. Mutual trust is the most important thing in a partnership. wellbeing is even more important.
In this industry, all customers pay cash. You are paid in cash every day. Earnings reflect on your work performance. In other words, on a quiet day, earnings are lower than on a busy day.
We make no guarantee of earnings, but with the right look and services, the girls can earn around ********** euros a day. The more services the girl offers, the greater the earnings possible, as most benefits are in addition to the fixed price.
In the service industry, it is important that the customer gets a good experience. Many clients seek intimate sex where the woman is present and enjoys her profession. A customer can quickly sense if the girl is in job of need and not joy. Having sex with a woman who is in the business of need is not naughty, and the woman will have difficulty creating a clientele.
If this ad has piqued your interest, please feel free to write an email or call. I write and speak English.