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JOB OFFER: HUNGARIAN ESCORT GIRLS FOR ********** ING AND BOOMING CITY: Earn much under the best circumstances!
We are a professional Team, multinational, and experienced in building up the perfect environment for escort services in special locations or during even times there, with unique ways of getting customers as much to our location as needed. We built for that a network for over one year with the taxi driver, hotels, and the near airport and airline who are providing the perfect (really, it is a dream for Hungarian girls, who want to work internationally, on high-class events, enjoy the possibility of an entirely short connection to home for Hungarian girls. You will work mostly with oriental Arabic und sometimes Russians. That is called here the "bank run" hehe, which is kinda true, next to that we organize fully accommodation and paperwork (in that particular region myself came to that city to build a pleasant and friendly system where nearly ********** peting is happening, also because we will have a citywide network for each potential clients. As many as you like. An integrated taxi service, medical checkups up and a 24/7 doctor on duty as well.
We provide for you all we can. Driving through the city, of course, shopping trips, to unique sights and a second factor is the ********** ing film festival, with lots of American, Arabian, and Turkish clients. Still a secret in the adult industry, but we made it our mission to bring Hungarian girls to this place to be. We will try our best, that high ********** e per hour (basic service), escort jobs, special treatment (costs extra for the client) and a 24/7 concierge service for everything you like to eat or want, we try to find the way. You will discreetly work in a luxury apartment big, fully furnished, security 24/7, and if there is no important job, you will be able to use the closest way ********** ngary and back. 
That was important for our consulting girls, who always wished to work somewhere far enough, but with a secure and fast connection back, so working with us becomes not a burden. It will be lucrative (we select our girls of course before the job), fun and also lovely knowing many different people taking care of you and that everything is going in a relaxed way for the girl and the client. 
Let's give it a try and write to us here a PM, or we also will provide you with our agency's address and phone number. The reason is: Personal introductions (we are very friendly don't worry) are going to be held in Budapest with a welcoming atmosphere either in a restaurant (reserved and closed for us, we know what is necessary) and you can ask us anything you want t know. The introductions in Budapest are already from tomorrow evening ( we will inform after PM contact every girl personally) until the next day. Also One week later we will have again 
One day for those who missed the 31st of July and 1st of August.
By know you probably have an idea what you should bring with you:
- Be openminded for a new experience in a maybe exotic environment.
- You have some previous experience in that line of work, and you are between 19-34 years of age.
- You like sports
- You speak on a conversational level English. 
- We love it of course if you have more to offer, for example, you are interested in ********** you studied or are still studying, you have exciting experiences, that could enrich many talks.
- You have no problem to live together with another girl in a big apartment.
AND: We also looking for a female Hungarian employee, who is managing the apartments, brings ideas, calculates the ********** es/costs and is part of our team and directly working at the spot. Shares include!
Languages we would gladly hear additionally: German, Arabic, Turkish, Russian.
Please contact our recruiting team at ********** or via PM here directly if you are curious and you want to know more! We are right here ********** ngary too. :)
We are very excited to hear from you! :)