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A Swiss owner's downtown erotic salon with guaranteed earnings awaits you.

Swiss erotic work | Extras are 100% yours | 5000 chf per week | Professional Ads | Receptionist!

Are you a pretty girl over 18 and looking for erotic work with no excuses, no misunderstanding, no financial problems, no hidden costs and hidden details? Are you interested in job opportunities where not only the salary and prices are high, but the team is excellent and the receptionist (manager) is a really kind, experienced and understanding woman who not only helps your job but also increases your earnings with good advices?

In the world of half-information and lots of scam erotic job ads or illegal shops (open for a few months), it's hard for everyone to fit in, so we provide you a detailed chat with real girls who work for us and they will tell you about the erotic work, earnings, our salon, etc.

Swiss owner | extras are 100% yours | 5000 chf per week | professional ads | receptionist.

The Swiss owner has been operating an erotic salon for decades in Basel, a city in Switzerland where you get guests from 3 countries all at once, thanks to the French-German-Swiss border, so of course there are plenty of guests from France and Germany.

Our regulars are all rich men who come back regularly.

That is why minimal language skills are very important, but if you don't speak any language, you can still work with us, our receptionists and the girls are here to help you with the communication! The other important thing is your service, and here we are not talking about committing to everything, but doing what you are doing well and being kind to the guests, build clientele for yourself and getting them to come back to you.

Your earnings are up to you, everything else is secondary!

What does good earnings mean? There are many types or categories of girls, everyone looks different, their age, their service, their language skills are different, but we could even say that their radiance is different, because we often see that every men goes crazy for a girl, and almost nothing needs to be done to make the best money, but there is also the type who has also professional ads, pictures, but this kind of work is not for her.. This is not necessarily the fault of our business, as we do our best to make a good living (professional ads for every girl, commercials for the salon, billboards around the city, advertising on local radio, etc.)

What does Erotic Salon mean?

In Switzerland and many other countries abroad you can do erotic work completely legally in workplaces called private homes, erotic studios, salons or clubs. These are luxury, demanding workplaces where you can work discreetly and safely and you won't have to worry about the police because they pay your taxes.

Every extra is yours! Sklavin and domina girls are also welcome.

The salon is designed with luxury, quality beds, furniture, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and living room with TV, free Wi-Fi and maximum lockable safe for your valuables. There is a mall nearby so you can buy everything that you need or send money home.

Maximum 6 girls working together - no crowd!

Everything you need for work is provided for free in the best possible quality - we take care of your health, hygiene and comfort. We provide free and professional advertising on the Internet and in newspapers and also soft drinks, coffee, tea.

Earn 5000 CHF per week or more! It's up to you!

If you don't have an erotic portfolio, we'll take professional pictures of you for your ads!

We work at high prices and get a legal work permit (if you ran out from the 90 days, we'll help you get that permit). There is daily payout and 100% discretion!

This adult job offer is ONLY FOR girls, womens & ladies from only European Union countrys, so with EU passport! They DON'T HIRE men, boys, gays! Please do not contact with advertiser, if you are man! Thank you!

The Swiss management is waiting for you! Don't hesitate, apply now, send us your questions by email, sms, viber, whatsapp for free.

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