Don't miss out! The autumn months until Christmas are the best period of the year in every way for adult work & escort jobs (traffic, promotions, earnings, working conditions).

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Don't miss out! The autumn months until Christmas are the best period of the year in every way for adult work & escort jobs (traffic, promotions, earnings, working conditions).

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Everything you want to know about an adult work and escort jobs - GLOSSARY

Everything you want to know

This gap-filling "glossary" is not just for beginners: an adult work and escort jobs guide

Attention! The owner and team of the Red-Life advertising sites have never, nor will they ever offer, provide any kind of erotic work, nor encourage or persuade anyone to do similar work. The website only contains advertisements uploaded by advertisers, for which they assume responsibility.

The facts and information listed in the collection were prepared based on our own experiences and with the help of our advertisers offering erotic jobs. Deviation from reality may occur, of course, as every job offer is different. When applying, we recommend that you inquire about everything with the specific owner, however, with the help of the glossary, you can more easily filter out which type of adult work suits you best.

What exactly does adult work and escort jobs mean?

This is a collective term that you will always encounter in connection with any work of an erotic nature or character. If we want to put it in the simplest way, then adult work and escort jobs means everything that you provide in an erotic service (can be sex-free work) to the client, who rewards you for it. The location and details vary depending on the subcategories, and even then there is a lot of overlap between each type of work. You can do adult work and escort jobs in the same way as other people go to the office - so you have a fixed working schedule, according to which you receive your guests and then go home, or "terms" are more common among many girls.

A term is when you reserve a 1-2 week appointment abroad at a workplace while you work there. Termin booking is the expression used in most sub-categories of erotic work, which is called 'Booking' especially for escort work.

adult work and escort jobs involves reporting obligations that vary depending on the country (work permit). You will come across erotic job advertisements most often in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, as this is where the most registered, legally operating erotic workplaces are located. This also means that there are regular controls in these erotic businesses, however, what is very important is that THE AUTHORITIES STAND BY YOU! In any case, know that if you have any problems, you can't get into trouble, the police and administraive bodies are there to help YOU. In those countries where you are registered - you work legally, you also have to pay taxes - this is sometimes taken over by the management, in some cases it is free and in some cases it is deducted from the workers. It is also a point of the application process that you should definitely ask about before you start.

What do "premium ads" and "erotic advertisements" mean?

Let's start with the ads, as this is 100% essential for any erotic job. Wherever you do any erotic work, your clients need to know about it from somewhere in order to have an income. In many cases, the owners also list the new arrivals on the business' website, but it is also necessary to advertise on local portals. These are called setcards, which contain pictures, name, age, service list with a small description / introduction. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to choose a place where this is done for you, because a bit of linguistic knowledge may be necessary here. If the job ad states that your ads are paid for, the business owner will prepare and update your setcard for you.

"Portfolio" or "necessary images for erotic work": you will also need high-quality images for the ads. Some people swear by a certain photographer, but with enough skill you can take decent pictures at home too. In fact, some people are certain that you can earn the most with more natural, "girlfriend-like" selfies. It depends on you and what kind of service you provide. If you want to work in complete secrecy, it is advisable to cover up your face (+ tattoo cover-up if you have one), but this will almost certainly have a negative effect on your earnings - but by giving something up you gain something else.

What is a private apartment?

The private part does not mean that it is secret or off the record. In this case, the word private means discretion, and if the address in question has the official authorisation, then you can legally do adult work and escort jobs there too! So, instead of flashing red lights and huge shirtless posters, the private apartment (in German: Privatwohnung) was created in a simple apartment building. Generally, these apartments contain working rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room called a playroom. Often, the living room or kitchen is designated as a common rest area, where the employees can relax in their free time.

Depending on the number of rooms you can work alone in a private apartment, however sufficient language skills and experience are essential for this, but there may also be several people working at the same place.

What happens inside the apartment also depends on the subcategory, because we have seen massage work in private apartments, but the most common is sex job.

In this case, your guests will know that you are there by:

  1. the address is given in your ads
  2. the phone number used to book a termin is available in the ad, and subsequently they received an address
  3. he knows the address, as he has been in business for a long time, so he rang the bell to see who was working that day
Interesting fact: it can be observed that simple surnames (e.g. Sommer) or numbers (e.g. WG 1165) are written on the intercom in this case, thereby not only reinforcing discreet work, but also providing your guests with a kind of protection that it is not obvious why and where one enters into the apartment block.

In most cases, private apartments have a fixed rental system, which you can imagine as renting an apartment. There is a fixed daily or weekly fee (in German: Miete), which you pay in advance or during your term. The amount and what it includes in addition to the rental (advertisement, work permit, etc.) depends on the person offering the job.

What does erotic Studio, Salon, Villa mean?

In essence, it is similar or exactly the same as a private apartment. Of course, the property can be of a different nature, have a larger or smaller floor area, or even have more floors!

  • The erotic studio tends to be a property with a smaller area, with fewer working rooms, where only a few girls work together, so many people are looking for these types of erotic jobs
  • The salon is just a label for a higher level, but it also refers to the property of an erotic business, which is mainly used by advertisers in Switzerland. Of course, the salon label is not only used in Red-Life ads, but this is how they build their brand, so they also present themselves as a salon in the advertisements made for guests on Swiss erotic sites!
  • The villa is usually a property registered as a multiple-floor erotic business, where there are probably not only 1-2 rooms and girls.

What does Laufhaus mean?

The Laufhaus is very different from a private apartment. Laufhaus in general have been very popular in Germany and Austria, including Vienna, for many years. Maybe call it a sex hotel, where the girls who work there pay a fixed rent for the rooms, and the guests pay them for sex. There is no conversation area or lounge, not many opportunities for intimacy. Size is the key here: long corridor, many, many rooms. The guest knows who is inside from the name / picture on the rooms, if the door is marked vacant, he can exchange a few words with the "tenant", they often try to bargain here.

On the positive side, they pay a lot of attention to safety here, every room is equipped with a panic button (this is already a requirement in many places), and security personnel are also available. Depending on the Laufhaus, there are places where the girls have a dining area and breakfast is included in the rent (think of it like a hotel dining room in the morning), but there are places where there is only a coffee machine at most. If you are looking for this kind of work, be sure to check out the place's website, you can draw many conclusions from the pictures and quality.

It is also good that there is no need to advertise here, the guests come on their own accord, as they know that there are many sex workers available and they change regularly! The downside is that you actually work with many other girls, so you may even have competition in the next room, so you have to consider whether a Laufhaus is the right workplace for you!

What is a job in contact bar?

There is a lot of negative feedback about contact bars, even though for those who speak the language, it is a very good job opportunity. In essence, the contact bar means that there is a bar area where you can talk to guests, get to know each other (yes, even drink alcohol), thanks to which a more intimate relationship can develop. The advantage of this is that you can earn much more this way, bookings lasting several hours are not uncommon.

In erotic workplaces of this kind, commissions usually come from everything:

  • if the guest consumes alcohol (NOT MANDATORY FOR YOU),
  • if the guest buys you some very expensive champagne as a gift (here are tricks to get non-alcoholic champagne from the bartender),
  • many places have VIP rooms with jacuzzis, also with an extra charge, etc.
But! Here, too, you can choose the discreet version, that despite the bar, you don't want guests from there, you just "work in the room", this is all a matter of discussion. It's fashionable in Switzerland that if you spend time downstairs in the bar (we're talking about elite places) you get a fixed amount in return + commission.

So the contact bar is not a pub and you don't have to get drunk, in fact it can be an excellent opportunity for communicative and language-speaking sex workers!

FKK salons and erotic Wellness centers:

In essence, imagine a large wellness hotel type property with a pool, sauna, massage, buffet, everything you need. Many people choose these erotic places because they are equivalent to a mini vacation with wellness services. In the demanding FKK salons, you get full board, with unlimited food/drink consumption, separate accommodation, you only have to pay the daily "entrance" (in German: Eintritt). There are a lot of rooms, so many people work here at the same time. Just for this reason, they regularly organize programs, DJs, and parties, which entice even more guests to go to the wellness center.

It is not common to have days with zero clients, i.e. a working day when you do not earn anything!

FKK means that you have nothing on your upper body while doing wellness, but this does not apply to all places. You get to choose your schedule and service, they have no say in this.

Escort job is accompanying, or what exactly does it mean?

The term escort job and escort girl is known to everyone, if not from elsewhere, then we have definitely seen it in the movies. It means that the escort girl does not do her work in a fixed place of her own, but e.g. accompanies to a restaurant, hotel, or they meet at the guest's home, or they are on vacation together somewhere. So, in the classic sense, escort work means accompanying or escorting, and within that, the escort girl decides what services she offers! Escort jobs suggest luxury, travel, higher prices and 'high-end' girls, but this is not always the case!

There are luxury escort jobs where TOP girls are required (they are only looking for front-page or celebrity girls), but in many cases they are also looking for average, pretty escorts in nearby big European cities.

This is how you can do an escort job:

  1. Through an ESCORT AGENCY:
    Escort agencies take on the role of an intermediary between the guest and the escort, so to speak. The advantage of the agency is that since they work with many escort girls, they have a large client base, and they also build their client base through their escort website. The agencies provide the infrastructure necessary for escort work and know the hotels where this activity is not a problem. In many cases, some of the hotels in certain big cities also recommend reliable escort agencies to their guests, and in Switzerland, for example, escort agencies can even rent advertising spaces and offer services to arriving tourists and businessmen at the airport!
    The reliable, informable agencies have a serious business website, they manage the meetings, advertisements, and of course they have their own network of drivers. They check the clients and do their best to keep the escort girl they send out safe. In the case of an agency, legality is always the issue, which varies from country to country.
  2. Self-employed, independent ESCORT girl:
    The braver and more experienced independent escort girls organize their trips to proven and popular big cities, where they book a suitable hotel room, manage their ads on the escort advertising sites themselves, handle the phone and go to the address by taxi or chauffeur service. They usually work with a circle of regular clients for their safety, and/or find new guests through dating apps and/or escort advertisement sites. Obviously, since they don't owe anyone, it can be a good solution financially, but the risk is also very high, since there is no one at their back to help them in trouble!
    Comparing the total expenses and costs with the expenses at the escort agency could also be worth it!
  3. ESCORT WORK through the organization of a private apartment / studio / salon:
    There are also erotic job advertisements in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, etc., where they offer the possibility of escorting as an additional, extra option. Here the choice is in your hands, you can either stay "inside the house" or take up escorting. It is usually requested by existing customers, so you already know the person, and the workplace's own driver will take you to the address and also wait for you. If you are only getting to know escort work, this can be a good transition where you can easily gain experience.
You will find many escort job offers among Red-Life's offers in exclusive locations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Miami, New York, London, Tokyo, Geneva, Australia, Singapore and many others.

Sexjob on the streets - prostitution is the boogeyman

Very negative images come to mind when we think of "street girls", i.e. prostitutes. However, it is interesting that this does not necessarily look like it does in popular belief. Girls working on the street (e.g. in Switzerland) do not literally work on the street. Imagine a neighborhood with many restaurants, big houses, parks and squares. It is deliberately designed so that the men visiting there can find everything nearby. Although the girls who work there can go out on the street, "for guests", but no one forces them to do so, if they only stay in the houses (which is similar to the laufhaus), then they work there.

Although for some reason the average person thinks that they work here for a pittance, with an undemanding clientele, this is also a misconception. With enough personality, the sky is the limit. Also, if someone works exclusively inside the house, without internet advertising, then it is also completely discreet.

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You can first think, that every kind of escorts earn money with sex, but it isn't the truth! Escorting in reality means companionship, e.g. wealthy men who are lonely or just want to have a little fun or relieve stress pays for an escort's time, to be with her/him. They want to skip the dating part, and immediately jump to the best time ever, so basically these people want to hire a romantic partner for only a short term. We call it outcall, if the guest orders the company to their hotel room, home or weekend house etc.. There are VIP or High Class escort girls also, who are especially expensive and only the richest can pay for their escort work services, which include the 'GFE' girlfriend experience, which means that the escort girl treats the guest as if she would be his real girlfriend, this is also one of the most wanted service.

Erotic massage work just like the tantra massage is an erotic work category, because the masseuse girls or boys can provide extra services in addition to massage! Of course you can apply for a normal massage job without any sexuality, but if you would like to offer more in your service, then you can choose from erotic massage jobs, for more earnings. There are several types of classic massage, which are completely sex-free and erotic-free work, but on Red-Life you will usually find tantra massage work, which provides a tantric experience, also called touching the soul through the body! In each case, before you apply for one of them, ask about the specific job, what kind of massage it is and what the expected services are.

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