5 interesting facts, statistics about striptease dancing jobs in the USA

Striptease jobs are very common these days in the USA, but there are still many myths about this type of erotic job. Here are some interesting myths, facts or stats about striptease jobs:

1. One in three striptease dancers are really trying to finish college

This is an old joke that every stripper girl works as a striptease dancer to put herself through college, even the older ones who are definitely not college age. Still, a recent study found that 33 percent of these girls are telling the truth, meaning they really go to college during the day and than become erotic dancers at night club.

2. What is actually the most common reason for choosing a striptease dancing job?

A couple of years ago, I found an article about this topic, exotic dancers were interviewed to find out why they actually choose this adult job. The vast majority of exotic dancers said they 'just liked to dance' or 'just do it for more money'. Truth is, the reasons are much more complex, because in order to do any kind of job on long term, you need to like what you do. It's up to every individual to decide why they decided to choose a particular job, and maybe there are girls who are in stripping just for the money, but not everyone.

striptease dancing jobs in usa

3. Approximately one out of ten striptease dancers is married

...At least in Las Vegas. A much more interesting fact is that only 13 percent of these women have children. Probably because they don't want to ruin their perfect body with stretchmarks and belly.

4. Some of the striptease dancers have been working as exotic dancers for decades

Stats show that the average age when strippers usually stop is around 23 and 24. Those who still continue after the age of 25, are likely to work as strippers as long as they can in striptease clubs. Statistics show that approximately 55 percent of girls work as strippers one to five years, 19 percent five to nine years, 6 percent ten to twenty years, and 8 percent of veterans who have been working as strippers for over twenty years!

5. 86% of strippers think taking off clothes for money is a legitime line of work and 8 percent think it's actually prostitution

No need for too much explanation. A very large number of strippers consider that this type of work is legal and legitimate and they don't even consider this adult job as being a sex work, because it doesn't involve sex. However, there is a small number of girls who became striptease dancers not knowing if it is a legal job or not and that is why these girls consider that they're prostitutes. For everyone who is questioning this fact: striptease dancing is at least as legitimate as being a life coach or a storage unit flipper.

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