Some interesting myths and facts about erotic adult jobs in America, USA

Erotic adult jobs are still considered tabu in many parts of the world. People don't understand what does an erotic job involves, so they start to believe what they see in movies and what they read in books and articles. Here are some interesting myths and facts about 18+ adult jobs:

1. An undercover cop has to identify himself as a police officer if a sex worker asks

Whenever you see someone having an erotic adult job in a movie, the moment the undercover cop picks her up, she asks: 'Are you a cop?' and of course he never is. Later on the movie, they get busted by the actual cops.

Well this is just a myth, based off an urban legend. In the USA, police officers do not have to identify themselves or even tell the truth. Whether we talk about street prostitutes, girls having escort jobs, if they lead you in to an illegal activity, they can lie.  

2. Having an adult job is one of the most dangerous professions in the USA

Recently, one of the most prestigious online magazines published an article of the most dangerous jobs, and guess what? Adult jobs are not stated on this list. In our opinion, an escort girl has much more riskier than being a fisherman, for example. So congratulatulations to all of you ladies for having one of the most dangerous professions in the USA, Europe and all around the world!

3. Man seek for sex workers because they aren't satisfied physically and emotionally in their relationships

According to a survey, in Los Angeles this is actually just the forth most popular reason for man to visit girls having erotic jobs. Number one is very simple: guys have an urge for sex and they want to be satisfied at the moment. Number two is to experience some unusual fetish. Number three is that they, the dumbest reason: guys get bored. Instead of talking to their partner, man tend to pay for new experiences.

4. Many sorority houses were banned in the USA, because many women living together consitute a brothel

There are many rumors about what happens in sorority houses, and although there is no specific law against these houses, many say that six or more unrelated women living in the same house legally consituted a brothel. Wrong. No one can really change the public opinion, so girls living in sorority houses just have to settle for being unofficial sex workers and not be offended.

adult and escort jobs in the usa

5. Adult jobs helped kill the $2 bill

In the early 1900, when prostitutes rate was $2 per night, the government tried to push $2 bills on the population. After a while, $2 bills started to be associated with adult jobs, and anyone having these bills was assumed to visit prostitutes. In consequence, $2 bills became less popular, so while this fact alone didn't kill it, it helped stigmatize it.

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