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RED-LIFE, operating for 10 years, has been the playground for successful women and men since 2014! Live the life you've always wanted!

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A man shared what he does for his escort job and how much he earns with it

A man shared what he

Insight into the world of male escort jobs: activities and earnings

In LADbible's article, an unnamed male escort shared his experiences from his escort job.

The male prostitute reported on his most interesting experiences, as well as how much money he earns every month.

According to him, he has worked with 300 clients since the beginning, but only slept with a hundred of them.

Whatever others might say about his adult work, he says he enjoys it because he is living the dream life.

He has sex on balconies and takes luxury vacations in the Maldives where he spends time in expensive villas.

The escort also shared what inspired him to choose erotic jobs for men:

I have always loved women and adventure. At first I only worked online, then I thought why not give it a try and meet some women?

"I uploaded my photo and an introduction, and two weeks later I found my first client," he began his story, adding that this happened three years ago.

He claims that it may be strange, but an escort job is not really about sex

Since the beginning, he has worked with 300 clients but only slept with a hundred of them.

"This is a common misunderstanding," he says. "The majority are not looking for sex, they want you to be their partner at an event, such as a wedding."

He claims that many people only want to go on dates with him and want a companion during their exciting trip.

For example, a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon or a dinner in a Michelin star restaurant.

The man says he sometimes feels like a movie star.

Escort job for men

The escort man shared his monthly earnings

According to him, in a good month, he earns 10.000 pounds (almost $13.000), but even in a bad period, it does not fall below 4,000 pounds ($5.000).

In addition, he also has a "regular" job, but mainly so that no one among his acquaintances finds out that he does adultworks for a living.

The most interesting request he fulfilled was this:

My weirdest client was a high-ranking woman who wanted me to dress up as a personal trainer, walk into her office, and play 50 Shades of Grey.

This sexjob took a total of three to four hours, shared the male escort.

But not all requests are so fun, there are things that he just simply couldn't agree to, not even for money:

"A guy approached me and said he wanted me to have sex with his wife while he was smelling my shoes and my feet. He was very insistent, but in the end I had to say no because I wasn't sure I really wanted it," he said about the bizarre story.

Not only escort jobs can put people in interesting situations, as sex workers also have interesting stories:

Sex workers confess: these are
( 6 months ago )

Sex workers confess: these are the strangest requests they had to fulfill for clients

It is already a challenge to meet the wishes of men, especially for a sexworker Although you might not think it, women who perform erotic jobs are often not asked for sex in exchange of money... Although, according to their accounts, men...

He also revealed what he sees as the more difficult side of his sexy job: recognizing when someone expects more from him than what he can give.

He claims that he is often approached by women asking to be their boyfriend, offering expensive gifts such as cars in return.

The man feels that he has to find the perfect woman to get out of the magic circle of escort jobs.

I'll do it as long as I enjoy it, and once I find it boring and the whole thing loses its excitement, I'll quit. This has not happened so far.

- the companion revealed.

Adult works & Escort jobs
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Basic concepts

All kind of erotic and adult works are jobs, that only a 18+ person can do, because it usually includes sexual services and in return, the client pays money or buy expensive gifts for the sexworker. A sexworker's service can include almost anything that you can imagine, but even adult job without sex eg. fetish jobs, femdom, massage job, hostess job, webcam job or dancing. And also it doesn't matter if you are boy or girl or trans or even your sexual orientation, because any adult person can be an escort or a sexworker. Don't forget, that the choice is always yours, nobody can force you to do sexwork! Usually we distinguish between incall and outcall erotic jobs, so for exaple the sexworker can work in a studio, private salon or brothel, or it can be outcall, so they meet somewhere with the guest, that can be a hotel, the client's house or anywhere else.. 

You can first think, that every kind of escorts earn money with sex, but it isn't the truth! Escorting in reality means companionship, e.g. wealthy men who are lonely or just want to have a little fun or relieve stress pays for an escort's time, to be with her/him. They want to skip the dating part, and immediately jump to the best time ever, so basically these people want to hire a romantic partner for only a short term. We call it outcall, if the guest orders the company to their hotel room, home or weekend house etc.. There are VIP or High Class escort girls also, who are especially expensive and only the richest can pay for their escort work services, which include the 'GFE' girlfriend experience, which means that the escort girl treats the guest as if she would be his real girlfriend, this is also one of the most wanted service.

Erotic massage work just like the tantra massage is an erotic work category, because the masseuse girls or boys can provide extra services in addition to massage! Of course you can apply for a normal massage job without any sexuality, but if you would like to offer more in your service, then you can choose from erotic massage jobs, for more earnings. There are several types of classic massage, which are completely sex-free and erotic-free work, but on Red-Life you will usually find tantra massage work, which provides a tantric experience, also called touching the soul through the body! In each case, before you apply for one of them, ask about the specific job, what kind of massage it is and what the expected services are.

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