How much money does the escort jobs industry offer worldwide?

Like any kind of job, escort jobs are hard. Think about the fact that escort girls work with their body and about the stigma attached to this adult job, so no wonder that this work is among the most draining professions a person can choose. In Europe, Asia, USA and basically anywhere in the world sex workers are viewed as girls who need to be saved, not workers seeking rights, as they should be.

Escort girls and sex workers in general are treated as a morally corrupt monolith. The reality is that these women are just as hard working as anyone else and if they choose to work with their body, they should be protected by the law.

The truth behind how much money escort girls make

Fortunately, escort jobs became very attractive to many girls as some of the stigma has been lifted through the sex-positive movement. More and more girls worldwide start to become interested in working as a VIP escort and making a lot of money. What they donțt know is that this adult job is not as easy as it seems so don't expect to make significant money with zero effort.

Today we spoke openly to 3 active professional escort girls to share with us how much money they actually make by working as VIP escorts.

Laura is a professional escort girl in Las Vegas, USA and has been working as an escort girl for 4 years. 'I make about $500 a trick, and it's just my side hustle. If a guy wants to push my boundaries, I add another $50-200.' She never makes unprotected sex with clients, and there is no amount of fee that would let her reconsider. She also works as a writer and a photo model. 'Whenever I need some new clothes, expensive shoes or want to go on a fancy vacation, I send a new photoset of nudes and foot fetish work to my clients, who pay well.'

escort jobs for women

On some days, I ask myself why did I choose this career path because it's sooo hard to fake a smile and interest. On other days, when I meet a client who pays well and takes me to beautiful places, I wonder why I even continue to write. Like in any other job, there are good days and bad days...

VIP escort Linda, working in Canada

Lola is a professional escorting girl who started escorting in Canada at an escort agency 2 years ago. In Canada, prices for escorting vary by region and typically rise every 10 years. I make about $200 per hour, which is not bad at all. 'As an escort girl, you need to invest a lot in yourself. That is why I am planning some major facial surgery and breast implants so that I will feel more justified in demanding high prices from my clients.'

I am thinking of investing aproximately $20.000 in cosmetic surgery and hoping to see my annual income to increase by at least $15.000. 

I like working at an escort agency, because I don't have to deal with the stress of promoting myself and my safety. For example, my rate is $240 per hour and I give $40 to my agency; this cut represents my advertising, arranging the meeting with the client and other expenses the agency has.    

Escorting in the United Kingdom

Gia, a top escort girl who works in London shares that she makes $150 per hour plus train or taxi fees. 'For this price, I provide most services. Most of my clients are happy with hand, massage or just kissing. I offer the option of videos of our session for a 50% surcharge to a make a little extra.'

Sometimes, my work as an escort requires to sit and watch a movie or to listen to my clients. I have some regulars who I've never even kissed and still pay a lot of money to talk to me!

Sex work is were 100% of my money comes from. 80%  of my income comes from escorting on a daily basis and 20% comes from seeing Sugar Daddies I meet on online websites. I have worked as an independent escort girl in the UK right from the beginning and I would never sell my body to give my money to an escort agency.

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