Escort jobs are like any other job and escort girls are also regular people

Cristina, a 28 year old escort girl from the United Kingdom is determined to destigmatise sex work and to show that escort jobs are like any other regular job. She shares experiences as a sexworker and even say that she actively enjoys being intimate with much older man.

Escort job or escorting is the perfect carreer option for a certain number of people. You have to be confortable in your skin and never do this type of job just for the money, because it could eat you alive.  

I'm not going to glamorize escort jobs, but it turned out to be the perfect job for me

I have been working as an escort girl for the past 7 years in London. I can't say that I knew right from the beginning that I would do this on long term, but I never looked at this job opportunity as a desperate way to earn money, I considered it to be a challenge, and after a while it became pure fun.

escort jobs for women

After just a couple of months, I was already such a good escort girl, that I could connect with someone on the deepest level, I mean getting to know someone and being intimate - and then exit their lives as quickly as I entered, without any kind of attachment.

I actually worked as a barista before I became an escort girl. I noticed that I was getting pretty good tips when I was wearing low cut tops, short skirts and I was flirting with the clients so I had the idea of becoming a stripper. As I started to read more about some erotic jobs, I came to the conclusion that maybe escort jobs would be more suitable for me.

To be a good escort, you need to be open-minded and interested in people

As a high class escort, you need to be able to accept people for who they are. First of all, you must be interested in people, open-minded and take your escort job seriously. This erotic job is all about people and sexuality, so if you want to have success, you need love the human body and to interact with people.

I am not ashamed that I have sex for money. It's society that projects shame into me.

People need to understand that what two consenting adults do in their spare time is up to them. Being a professional escort or having any kind of erotic job is just like any other job. We don't steal or commit crimes - we aren't hurting anybody and we don't deserve to be hurt. 

People are starting to change their opinion about sex-workers and are more open-minded than ever before. If you love to work with people and you are searching for a job that secures your financial future, feel free to search on advertising site. We have 700 active ads, don't forget to search in the recommended adult jobs section for the best 18+ jobs!