All you need to know about webcam jobs and works for cam-girls in Europe

Webcam jobs industry or interactive webcamming is one of the fastest growing sector of the porn business not only in Europe, but worldwide. Thousands of women work as webcam models from home or from webcam studios and because it is a type of job that can be done 24/7, girls get to choose if they want to work part-time or full-time.

Statistics show that the majority of clients logging in to European videochat rooms are from Western Europe and North America.

We have visited an actual videochat studio in the heart of London to see how many girls work in a shift and in what conditions. As soon as we arrived to the address, we met a group of young women outside a tall building, they were talking and laughing. To our surprise, these webcam models were nothing like we imagined, they were curvy girls with sensual body, not skinny at all, as we expected.

Inside a professional videochat (webcam) studio

As we entered the building, we found out from the security agent that the webcam studio occupies 2 floors and includes 40 rooms in total. The corridor has pristine white corridors, the walls were adorned with pictures of woman in different states of undess.

We learned that closed doors means business and that a webcam model is live via webcam. In this modern world of virtual  relationships, the girls are called models and the clients are called members.

As we were looking around the studio, we noticed an open door and we immediately knocked. Inside, we found Diana, a beautiful asian videochat girl. Her room was dominated by a big circular bed with cushions and she had a beautiful wardrobe, with a lots of 'stage' dresses and lingerie. She loves her webcam job and working in a professional videochat studio, because the studio provides her the props for free so all she has to do is to focus on the job. 

webcam jobs in europe

So how do these webcam girls actually make money?

As soon as Diana goes live, dozens of eyes may view her, but she starts to make the money only if a member asks her to 'go private', meaning a one-to-one webcam session. 

But what does this mean? What do webcam jobs involve? 80 percent of the time, just conversation, a very small part of it is nudity and masturbation - Diana says. I love being a webcam model, because it is very empowering, I get to lead and if I don't feel comfortable doing something a member asks, I just change the subject.

The important thing is to keep a paying client in the private session for as long as you can. My manager thought me that we have about 10 minutes of being cute and sexy, and than you must start a conversation, because otherwise the member won't stay online.

Psychologist at the videochat studio? 

Our studio has a certified psychologist and an English teacher. The psychologist is not only there to discuss with us when we have an emotional problem, but she also teaches us about fetishes, to understand why our clients have them. We also study a book of gestures to be more sensual and intelligent, not just beautiful. Beauty is not everything in videochat work.

We learn about a lot of things and topics, because a member needs to feel like he is in an online relationship and to forget that he is paying for that session.

To work as a webcam model equals in great earning without anyone ever touching you. As a webcam model in London, I am not afraid about my security, because if a member gets rude, I simply block him and ask the administrator to get his IP address and ban it.

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