Which European countries offer the best adult erotic jobs and where can you work legally?

The legality of adult jobs varies by country in Europe, meaning that every European country has it's own laws when it comes to sex work. This article offers an insight to how erotic jobs are perceived in different European countries, mostly to help you decide which countries offer you the best opportunity to make a lot of money legally.

Some countries prohibit prostitution in any form, while others allow sex work itself, but not most forms of procuring (like operating a brothel, faciliting prostitution of another, soliciting etc.)

Earn a lot of money by working in countries where adult jobs are legal

Unfortunately, having an adult job is legal and regulated in only 8 European countries. There are many other opportunities in other countries too, but the risk of being caught by the law enforcement and having to pay fines is just not worth the risk. It is better to choose countries where you are protected by the law and employed like any other worker, because the risk of not being paid on time is very little.  

Keep in mind that the countries where sex work is legal are : The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia and Turkey. The government allows this activity as long as sex workers pay have legal documents and they pay taxes.

Depending on each country, activities related to adult jobs may be declared illegal, decriminalized, when there is no low either to allow or forbid erotic jobs, or regulated. Very permissive prostitution policies exist the Netherlands (Amsterdam's Red Light District is famous all around the world) and Germany, so these are most popular countries when it comes to sex work. Also, these are the major destinations for both national and international sex tourism.

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Countries where adult jobs are prohibited or not regulated

Ironically, in France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway it is illegal to pay for sex, but not illegal to be a sex worker and so only the buyer commits a crime. In countries such as Spain, Belgium and Czech Republic erotic jobs are officially not regulated and in consequence are not recognized as jobs. 

In the United Kingdom, prostitution itself is legal, but many related activities are outlawed, like pimping, having a brothel and soliciting in a public places.

In Romania, prostitution is not criminalized, but associated activities, such as solicitation is a contravention punishable by fine. No client who pays for sex is is prosecuted, unless he knowingly took advantage of a person who is forced or if the victim is a minor.

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